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Intellectual Property Policy

  1. SellIt.Online doesn’t allow the use or sale of protected intellectual property. This includes copyright materials, trademarked brand names and logos, and protected designs. 

    Content that breaches on the intellectual property rights of third parties can be removed without notice.

  2. Copyright

    Copyright content includes, but is not limited to; artworks, photography, film, music, novels, music.

    • Only list content you own on SellIt.Online. Don’t use photographs from other SellIt.Online users, online stores, catalogues, e-commerce sites, third party suppliers, social media sites, or other sources. 

    • Don’t sell unauthorized copies of texts, artwork, music, workout guides, films, or any other content that you don’t have permission to replicate. 

  3. Trademark

    Trademarked content includes, but is not limited to; brand names, company names, logos, branded products, services.

    Only use trademarks to describe products you are selling if they are made by the owner of that trademark. Don’t use brand logos to make custom products, or mention brand names or trademarks in your listings. 

  4. Protected Designs

    Protected (also known as patented) designs are novel and unique clothing & accessory designs that have been granted special protection from imitation.

    Don’t sell copies of products that have protected designs. As a seller you are responsible for ensuring your inventory does not breachprotected designs. 

  5. Protecting your content

    If you are the copyright or trademark owner, or authorized to act on the owner’s behalf, you can report content that breaches your intellectual property rights to us at report@SellIt.Online with the subject line “Infringement Notice”. Please include direct web links to listings from the websitewith any supporting documents.

    We may request proof of IP ownership or authorization by the owner before content is removed.

    If you’re a SellIt.Online Seller and would like advice on protecting your content, you can reach out to us at report@SellIt.Online

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